Roadmap To A Scuccesful Trader - This program is designed in a way that a person who just came across forex trading over internet can know what it is and how exactly it works? Along with that it is also brings new insights for the traders who trade forex for a while but here they can also get some insightful information which will 100% help making their trading decisions better. Along with the short recorded video lectures we provide 24 free doubt solving live sessions where students can ask us anything they found difficult to understand!

In this program we tried to cover - 

1. What & why of forex trading? 2. How to trade? 3. Technical Analysis 4. Candlestick Patterns 4. Fundamental Analysis & Economic Calander 5. Trading Psychology & 6. Metatrader - The Trading Terminal. A session on Support & Resistence will soon be live!

Club of a Nine Powerful Short - Goal Oriented Learning Videos

This will prepare you for the journey towards a Successful Trader.

Trading As A Profession

Introduction To Forex

Basics of Forex Trading

Introduction To Technical Analysis

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Candlestick patterns

Candlestick Patterns

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Economic Calander

Economic Calander

Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology

Metatrader - The Terminal

Support & Resistence

Why to opt for "Roadmap To A Successful Trader?

Video Lectures

Short & Goal Oriented Short Videos on a specific area of trading!

Live Sessions

We offer live sessions to clear all your doubts for the above courses.

Presentation Handouts

We will provide PDF Handouts for your Future reference.

Objectives Of The Course

We believe strong foundation is needed for the strong career in trading. These short courses will enable you to get insights of the trading currencies as a whole.

Begin your Journey - Roadmap to a Successful Trader today! 


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