A Good broker, best of the trading conditions & a profitable strategy are inevitable for any trader to be profitable. But most of time, all you have them all still you don't make money. WHY?

Secretes of Successful Trading 

Secretes of Successful Trading lye within you and not in out side world! You can be a successful trader even with Basic Indicators like MA, RSI or Bollinger Bands! Let's explore and learn what is holding back a trader becoming a Successful Trader?

Its all about how you control your emotions while you trade! Trading psychology or emotions are like the iceberg which is bigger under the water than it is seen above the surface.

Peter Austin - Trader & Self Made Millionaire says,

10% is Identifying A Trade. 

20% is Managing The Trade After You Enter. 

70% is Managing Yourself And Your Emotions.

We will learn How To Master The Mind Of An Effective Trader?

How To Master The Mind Of An Effective Trader?

In this course we will learn key aspects of Profitable Trading!

We will learn about what exactly one person has to do to be a successful trader? In this course we are not discussing anything related to technical analysis or any magical indicators rather our idea is to aware you the magic you have within your brain. Knowing how to use the brain while you have open trades rightly and this is the only key to success while you are trading.

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Here is what you will learn from our live workshops:

  1. We will learn What successful traders do? 
  2. Emotions: Everything that is to be known about emotions, how they are created within the brain? how they hijack our thinking process? and how to overcome?
  3. Fear: All false decision we make as a trader either resulting in less profit or higher loss are just due to "FEAR". So we will learn types of fears, and how we can eliminate them from trading to enable us making right decisions.

Trading as a Profession

A Good begining is half done! Fix your goal where you want to reach and why you want to trade? Rest one can do!

This is a brief outline and a general overivew how one can be profitable trader and what he or she should do to take Trading as a Profession and replace current full time job or business with Trading?

Trading Psychology

Managing yourself is 70% of trading! We will know with whom we are fighting as a trader and once we know the culprit we can conqure!

Trading psychology refers to the emotions and mental state that help dictate success or failure in trading securities. We will learn about various aspects of an individual's character and behaviors that influence their trading actions in this session.

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